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IMPRIMIS a dwelling howse lying close by the Church, a kitchen or brewhouse on the East end of the sayde dwelling howse, a Doverhowse, two barnes, a stable, two Courts a Garden and Orchard, all Gifts which are compassed in with Stone Walles. For the record the lost cave was first recorded by Alexander Catcott in 1757. Bequeath to my loving friends the Deane and Chapter of the Cathedral Church 40 shillings so that they shall afford me a prominent place to be buried in the South Iile of the said Cathedral Church next to the place where my loving wife Marian and my dear father Walter Gleson are buried. A true and perfect note Terryer or Particular of all and singular the howses, gardens, orchards, gleabe landes arable grounds, medowes, pastures, tythes, fruites, offerings profits and emolmuments whatsoever belonging to the Parsonage of Marnhull, in the County of Dorsett and Diocese of Bristoll, as they are att this time quietly possessed, held, received and enjoyed by , in Divinity the present Rector or Incumbent there taken by the saide rector or Incumbent and the sworne men whose names are hereunto subscribed and presented upon the oaths of the sayd sworne men unto the right worshipfull Sir Nathaniel Brent, Knight, Doctor of Lawes, the Vicar generall of the most Reverend Father in God, William, by Divine Providence Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of all England and Metropoltan att his Graces Metropolicicall Visitation held in and for the Diocese of Bristol in the yeare of our Lord God 1634 and in the first yeare of his Graces Translation as followeth. The cave was famed in its day for its copper stained formations. to William Ellis who left will 1610, they had at least 6 children, 4 listed in will were Israel Ellis, Mary Ellis, Walter Ellis, Richard Ellis. John Emrygale of Hadlegh (1) to (2), all lands and tenements in Batisford which they lately had by feoffment of William Pope of Nedham Market, as appears more fully in charter dated 9 Jun. Witnesses: Richard Bragstrete, Henry Lucas, William Baldry, Henry Parysh, John Cook and others. and highway called Peekham strete on N., 1 head abutting E. to Ann Dickinson at Liverpool, Saint Nicholas, Lancashire Edward Glison m. Beard had his men, Robert Brown and William Cuff, working for him removing bone material until the 29th May, 1838. There are many trenches and mined features along the plane of Sandford Hill that it would be difficult to identify the actual pit, many of which were worked as late as the mid-20th century. And I do give unto Trinity Hall in Cambridge aforesaid a piece of plate of the value of six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence with the Arms of the said Hall and my Arms and as of my gist engraven thereupon.

Katherine Bret, Walter Grymprest of Brokforde [Brockford], Thomas Pecher of Brokforde, Thomas Bret of Stonham Aspale (1) to (2), messuage called Stonyldes, lying in Stonham Aspale between highway leading from Dunwych [Dunwich] towards Bury and land of Robert Stonham, 1 head abutting on pasture of Stonham Rectory, other head on way of R. together with Roger Morgon deceased lately had jointly by gift of John Waryn of Stkeneylond; 2 pieces of land in same town (2a.)parcel of tenement called Parles, 1 piece called Wylwenerowe, other called Mellelond, which W. 24 1834 to Sarah Foreman at London, Saint Bride Fleet St. to John Sims at Birmingham, Saint Martin, Warwick George Glissan m. Howling, Leo Jackson, John Hayes, John Kidd, John Marders, Samp. In 17, Also, significance of above is that it shows Samuel Glisson still of Beaminster, Dorset in 1758 and Mary Glisson m. Mary Glisson was dau of Robert Glisson & Elizabeth Betty Suter. Held offices of Sheriff of Bristol 1583-84, Alderman by 1597, Mayor of Bristol 1598-99. merit & resurrection of my Saviour Jesus Christe & my body I yealde to the earthe from whence it came to be buried in ???? And I do hereby revoke and make void all former wills codicils and bequests heretofore by me made and given (except the Will by me made bearing date with these present as touching and concerning all my messuages lands tenements and hereditaments whatsoever which said will I do hereby further approve and confirm).

Given at Stonham Aspale, Monday, feast of St Margaret the Virgin, 11 Hen. Petherton Samuel Glissons married to Elizabeth Budgell at St Johns Church in Yeovil, Witnesses: Jonathan Crocker & Samuel Ostler by Banns File#10377 Reg#270 Ann Winn married to George Martin at St Andrew Church at Burnham on Sea, both of this parish, grrom bachelor, bride spinster, Susan Merrott, File#12353 Reg#693 Samuel Glisson married to Jane Norris at St Swithins, Walcot, groom Bachelor, occ pork Butcher, abode Wellington Place, father Thomas Glisson, pork butcher, bride widow, abode Wellington Place, father John Peters, mason, Witnesses: Joseph Qunitas & George Allwright, File#15721 Reg#116. But other records indicate, he was businessman in 1721, sheriff in 1733, unless he went to Virginia for business and then come back 1718-1721. the same shall successively come or vest by virtue of any chance or chances in the said indentures and will or any of them contained shall be charged as followeth.

60 , Samuel Spalding, alderman, Thomas Buck and John Buck, esquire bedells, Samuel Farloe, vinter, John Woolfe, gentleman, William Welbore, draper, John Brasbone, notary, Thomas Wilson, baker, Roger Wilson, butcher, John Johnson, cook, Richard Pottoe, butcher, William Overton, draper, Thomas Spalding, son of Samuel Spalding, Thomas Buck, son of John Buck, Edward Farloe, son of Samuel Farloe, Edward Pottoe, son of Richard Pottoe and John Welbore, son of William Welbore,all of Cambridge, 26 October 1639. 9 August, 1685.(6) Roger Hoare, marchant, committed by the same Earle of Sunderland, for High Treason . However, there are two caves known to exist on Loxton Hill, the second, quite different, site being the lost cave - Loxton Cavern.

Joseph Glisson married to Rebekah Perrett at St Michael Church in Bath, groom occ pork butcher, abode Walcot St, father Thomas Glisson, pork butcher, bride abode Broad St, father James Perrett, baker, Witnesses: Joseph Lawrence, Sarah Glisson, File#15778 Licence Robert Glisson married to Mary Barnes at St Peter & Paul Church, Shepton Mallet, groom bachelor, occupation ostler, abode Shepton Mallet, father Thomas Glisson, Ostler, Bride, spinster, occ dress maker, abode Shepton Mallet, father Samuel Barnes, labourer, both of full age, banns, Witnesses: Edward Weeks & Elisa Wilkins, File#5491 Reg#163 Elizabeth Glisson married to Silas Wilkins at St Peter & Paul Church, Shepton Mallet, groom Bacherlor, occupation baker, bride dressmaker, both abode Shepton Mallet, groom father James Wilkins, weaver Bride father Thomas Glisson, ostler, Witnesses: Elijah Wilkins, Charlotte Glisson, banns, both full age, File#5491 Reg#164 John Glisson married to Martha Clark at St Johns the Baptist in Frome, groom age 27 Batchelor abode King St occupation Servant father Thomas Glisson, servant, bride age 25 Spinster Abode King St father John Clark, market porter, Witnesses: John Hilliar & Sarah Clark, Banns, File#5334 Reg#166. Henry Glisson removed as Alderman Bristol Henry Glisson 1669-1684, Sheriff 1676-77 Benjamin Glisson 1733-1755, Sheriff 1733-1734 died -3 Vice Puxton- Benjamin Glisson died Israel Gleson gentleman Israel Gleson gentleman (son of Israel Glisson & Mary Warde of Brislington) Israel Gleson gentleman (Maybe son of John & Ann Gleson of Brislington grandson of Israel Glisson & Mary Warde of Brislington) Plaintiffs: Thomas Newbery, yeoman of Cleeve, Osswell, Devon (one of the sons of John Newbery, gent deceased late of Harrison, Stockland, Dorset) and Isaiah Newbery aged 14 years (son of said Thomas Newbury and Mary Newbury his wife, by his said father) and Samuel Newbury, gent of Hayne, Stockland (another son of said John Newbery). 12, 1828, aged 84, at Marnhull; Monumental inscription there. That is to say the person and persons from time to time holding and enjoying the same shall lend unto upon his lawful demand the sum of five pounds per quarter of current money of England and deliver the same quarterly into the hand of my said brother and not into the hand of any other person whatsoever in manner following.

Witnesses: Thomas Bret, Alderman, Thomas Heigham & Richard Fest, Bailiffs, John Ayleward, William Moor, Thomas Lemynor, John Tropynel, Walter Fuller. & William Helperby, bailiffs, Edmund Baker, Simon Waryn, John Busshe, John Hobbys, John Bullok, Richard Waryn. The lease is made in consideration of the surrender of the previous lease, dated 23..7 James? for the lives of Thomas Harries, Mary Powell and Elizabeth Harries, Richards son and daughters. Dean and chapter;s part of indenture., Peter Salmon, George Ent, George Bate, Alexander Frazier, William Stane, John Micklewaite, Nathan Pagett, Jonathan Goddard, Edmond Trench, John King, Thomas Cox, Henry Stanley, Daniell Whistler, Charles Scarburgh, Thomas Wharton, Christopher Morrett, Samuel Collins, Luke Rugeley, John Wilby, Sir Wm Pettie, Christopher Terne, Sir John Baber, John Hale, Edward Greaves, Thomas Croydon, Gabriell Beauvoir, Thomas Wolfe, Martin Luellin, Sir John Finch, Thomas Baynes, William Quarterman, James Hide, Humfry Whitmore, Robert Waller, Peter Barwicke and Robett Morrison. , 6.(son of above Thomas Gleson/Glesyn/Glisson of Suffolk, England, he should be b. Joane Cooke and probably brother of above Thomas Gleson/Glesyn, 1623 Visitation of Somerset and of Dorset both mention that Walter was son of Thomas of Suffolk, I believe he was born in Suffolk and moved to Bristol, Gloucesther County alone and probably as a single man )dau of John Glisson David Gliston c. Mary Whitechapel, son of Thomas & Anne Gliston Esther Glyson c. [At the bottom of the shaft] we then lighted our candles, and followed the guide, who carried us along an narrow passage towards the West. in maner aforesaid beinge all situated in the Elizabeth already deceased. facto that my said legacy given to them conditionally so aforesaid shall be deemed void and frustrate as if the same had not been made.

W: garden of Joan Bret, widow; E: garden of John Plandon, late Ralph Lewys; N: croft of convent of St. Witnesses: Robert Gardyner, Alderman, Thomas Heigham Esq. W: garden of Joan Brette, late John Coppynge; E: garden of John Plandon, late John Gatlee; N: Croft of convent of St. And George shall also pay to the Earl at the Feasts of the Nativity of St. Conditions on repairs, including repairs to the chancel of Tibberton church, condition relating to the vicar of Tibberton (details lost, but mentions a composition made in the time of Bishop Walter) and other conditions. Argent on a fess sable three cross crosslets or, all within a bordure azure. Argent, a bend gules between lions heads erased sable, crowned of the second. I could see nothing but a dark chasm, which appeared to be bottomless .... the said orchard garden grounds houses & tenement ad??????? But if my said daughter in-law and her husband shall after be in request made by my executor willfully refuse to deliver my said bond or shall delay the date paid by the fortnight after request made by my executor then my will is ?

Redgeman, of Bury & 1 grange & 1 garden adjacent in Bury suburbs, outside Westgate (abuttals. William Harvey conveys the said premises to the use of the College and after his death to the said Heneage Finch, etc. RCP-LEGAC/SR 10A box 4/4- date: 1 April 1673 was one of the illustrious few who instituted weekly meetings in London to promote inquires into natural and experimental philosophy, from which, after the Restoration, the Royal Society came into being, Glisson of course being a member. LB/OP/11/10- date:1755 Charities, Documents relating to Thomas Mundays Charity File- (no title)- ref P/St. That Margaret Bamfield was son of Richard Bamfield of Chilforme, Dorset, England, who could have been the Richard son of Richard Bamfield & Elizabeth Sydenham b. The Visitation of County of Dorset, Taken in the year 1623 by Henry St. London 1885, Reprinted by the Harlean Society- To see copy of below Visitations see Glisson of county Suffolk, son Walter of Bristoll wife Jane dau of Cooke of Bristoll, Cooke dau of Gourney, Issue: (1) Eliz married Thos Bryne of Bristoll, (2) Israell married Marian dau of Geo Gough of Howerfield of county Glouchester, (3) Mary married Wm Ellis of Bristoll, (4) William of Rampisham. Stepney, Spitafields Christ Church, London, dau of John & Harriett Glissing Gerrard William Glisson c. The rock (a limestone) was so hard, that our tools were unequal to procure me the specimens I wanted, and I was sorry to find those we saw had been much defaced by Cornish miners, who, in trying for copper a few years ago broke off the finest pieces to send to their friends. Source: TNA, PROB 11/245 If you came to this page directly, then you might want to know that I have additional family history information on my website.

Edward Alston President of the College, Lawrence Wright, Francis Prujean, Sir Maurice Williams, Baldwin Hamey, , Elects, John Bathurst, George Ent, George Bate, John Micklewaite, Jonathan Goddard and Edward Emeley, Fellows of the College, and others of the third part whereby for the consideration therein mentioned the said Dr. WARWICK LANE, THE FELLOWS HOUSE, North Side of Court Yard File- & others to Robert Hooke, of a toft piece or parcel of round situate and being on the North side of the court yard of the College for a term of 61 years for a yearly rent of on pepper corn. Moore, bookseller in Duke Street, Covent Garden, and his brother living in Holborn, and Wm Smith, of Islington, Schoolmaster, the above persons to be brought before the House. Walter Glisson bought land in Bath from Lacy, Israel Glisson bought land in Brislington from Sir Rowland Lacy, and the above John Hoskin who married Ursula Lacy was brother of Henry Hoskin (Hoskyns) who married Mary Glisson dau of William Glisson & Mary Hancock. at Newington, Saint Mary, Surrey dau of John & Margaret Glisson Somerset son of Thomas Gliston & Mary Rapson Emmeline Mary Ann Glissing c. I was obliged to crawl like a snake, and could not have proceeded much further, as I found my breath getting short from the fatigue and heat of the place; but was at last relieved by reaching a large arched room most beautifully covered with sparry incrustations. Transcribed will of Alice Glesson The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Gleysn y gauaf- or coed wyrdd, thed wintergreen Glesyn y morlan- the sea lungwort Glesyn y mynydd- mountain bugle Glesyn y wiber- the vipers bugloss Glesyn y coed- yr olchenid, bruise-wort ot bugle borage Glesyn- a, what is blue, the common borage, peth glas, Bronwerth, llawnlys, tafod yr yeh, tafo lyfwch, wood blue In this case, the surname means simply of Glasson which is ultimately derived from an Old English term meaning bright or shining spot referring to the place name Glasson in Lancashire or the name may be derived from Old English meaning green/blue river and referring to the place name Glasson in Cumberland in northern England., Robert de Stonham, Henry Cartere of Stonham Antegan (1) to (2), all his lands and tenements in Stonham Antegan; to hold of chief lords of fee by accustomed services. Witnesses: Edmund Sengloue, Gilbert Money, William Money, John Jeffrey, (1) quitclaims to (2), all lands and tenements called Parles tenement in Stonham Aspale [Stonham Aspal], belonging to (1) after death of Robert Note her father, by right of inheritance; to hold of chief lords of fee by accustomed services. Given at Stonham Aspale, Friday after feast of St Matthew, 6 Hen. (1) quitclaim to (2), all lands and tenements in Stonham Aspale all lands which they lately had jointly with Robert Wynde by feoffment of Margery Thorp and Emma Wynde; to hold of chief lords of fee by accustomed services. on land called Qwytes; which (1) formerly had jointly with Robert Feldegate by gift of Sir John Heuenyngham, kt; to hold of chief lords of fee by accustomed services. on close called Rasshcroft, formerly of Robert Note, which (1) lately had jointly by feoffment of William Grenehood and William Mowney; 2 pieces of land lying together in Stonham Aspale between land formerly of Henry de Stonham, chaplain and land formerly of John Ook on 1 side and land of Stonham Rectory and land late of Robert Feldegate on other side, 1 head abutting on way called Mellewey, other head on land formerly of J. 1756 (I did not pay to get complete copy) Published 1929 by the Society- excerpts from this book- listed at did not pay to see whole page from this book, thus just have page #s or excerpts of Glissons listed Pg 127 ? of Rampisham living in Marnhull at this time, his son William Glisson Jr. Chew Magna if just a few miles south of Bristol, Walter Glisson married Anne Vele (my note: son of Henry Glisson of Bristol who left will 1688 nameing sons Henry, Walter and dau Ann.) William Glisson baptized son of Walter & Anne Walter Glissone buried /1703 (my note: not sure if this is Walter who married Ann Vele, or if an infant son of Walter & Anne) Lots of Vele, Veale, records going back to 1500s Son of Henry Glisson Jr. Whereas by my said will concerning my real estate and by two several indentures of lease and release therein mentioned and recited I have conveyed settled and assured diverse messuages lands and tenements in the parishes of St Giles in the Fields and St Clement Danes in the County of Middlesex in the said indentures or last will mentioned in a certain and successive order unto certain persons therein named and by the said indentures and will more fully may appear.

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