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Like most vulgar expressions of the more decorous—at least publicly—pre-Internet era, the phrase’s origin is difficult to ascertain.Google Books, which searches an extensive digitized catalog, shows a printed debut in 1971 in , a book by Earl Wilson, a gossip columnist who was known for exposing JFK’s broad interpretation of his marital vows.


Despite its frequent frustrations and disappointments, I loved my adventurous year of internet dating.

My 'dangerous dating' was brought to an abrupt end due to an unexpected turn of events and in any case I was beginning to feel it had run its natural course.

Day 1, morning - call Bell Aliant to reactivate the internet.

They sale it should be live by midnight or the next morning.

Some purport to be single, while having a hapless spouse at home.

My first few weeks online were spent in trial and error.

People will plunder your emotions without compunction if you let them.

Some women, in particular, leave themselves emotionally vulnerable by investing too much hope in a particular potential mate, or after physical intimacy with someone.

Apparently not, they’re telling me I need to pay a security deposit for each line, and I have 2.

Also as compensation, offers to give me a discount on TV package (as I only have internet).

It is common for dating site users to edit themselves in some way.

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