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Feeling insecure about your looks is a bigger turn off than looks itself. Think of the bimbo blonde who has a peanut for her brain – that’s the opposite to an intellectually attractive woman. An attractive man wants a woman who holds a conversation with almost anyone, talks about his interests, regularly reads books, and teaches him valuable lessons. If a guy suddenly becomes disinterested in you, a lack of emotional attraction is the problem.

Attractive women, in general, go through life easier than less attractive women so they have yet to develop the two other areas of attraction that lead to satisfying relationships Guys tend to want women who are attractive, but lack personality, for the short-term. A real relationship fails to develop in the absence of emotional attraction.

You wouldn’t feel attracted to a guy who only sat around watching football drinking beer so don’t become the female equivalent.

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That is your first problem stopping you from discovering what men want in women when dating and in relationships.

As long as you try understand men through your female experiences and understandings, you will remain confused. Before you give me a Nobel Prize for that remarkable statement, understand that you tend to operate from your limiting beliefs in dating and relationships.

A man may only desire sex from you because you focus on physical qualities. They seek only physical attraction because their emotions are blocked.

When your attractiveness depends on dressing sexy for him and sexual comments, you’re seen as a friend with benefits. This satisfies some women some of the time, but you might want more. They don’t know how to connect at an emotional level. It doesn’t matter what colors exist, everything is seen green.

When you become what men want in women, men feel attracted to you.

Attraction can be temporary, but when you understand its principles and continually refine them (by re-reading this article and purchasing books on the subject), you make attraction long-term that leads to commitment and a satisfying relationship!

There’s a broad array of characteristics great men want in women that lead to one experience.

The secret feeling a man wants to have around you is one of attraction. It’s the energetic charge between two people that evokes an animalistic urge.

You may also have an advantage over attractive women!

Beautiful women tend to identify with their looks and become insecure. Intellectual attraction comes from more rational, logical means controllable through words and actions.

Intensify all three forms of attraction to hypnotize any man. It makes you act out insecure thinking as you become clingy and ask needy questions.

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