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After four days of close medical attention, Lamar eventually awoke from his coma, although he suffered several strokes and kidney failure due to the overdose.To Lamar's surprise, Khloe was with him almost every step of the way on his road to recovery, and she even withdrew her request for divorce during this time.

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We're fairly sure Kris hasn't bumped a Yeezy track since "Cold (Theraflu)" where West raps about falling for Kim while she was married.

The 14th overall pick in the 2004 draft, Humphries has played for 8 teams since joining the league.

Since then it has followed the sisters and their partners like a lingering cloud over their collective careers.

In some cases those clouds turned into full-fledged storms and ended up damaging certain careers beyond repair.

Back in 2015, Khloe was spotted on a date with the silver fox, who like Khloe, has never had a problem wooing fellow stars.

Fox is a former Tar-Heel star, who lead them to the final four prior to his becoming a first round pick with the Boston Celtics in 1991.

Blaming the Kardashian "Curse" removes all personal responsibility of failure.

To put it differently, if Khloe or Kim had a history of dating accountants, nobody would be concerned about the possibility of the guy messing up a routine audit.

Then this story takes a couple of darker turns, as you might know.

In 2015, Odom was found unconscious inside a Nevada brothel after a near-fatal overdose due to his consumption of a mystery cocktail of pills.

Okay, who remembers this, or perhaps better put, who doesn't remember this?

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