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And I, someone who fancies themself romantically strategic, met someone over the summer in Brazil in a way I had absolutely no hand in and proceeded to break every rule I’d so carefully studied. And so are all of my friends who met someone without pretending, manipulating or compromising themselves and what they want. Stop thumbing through magazine dating tips in line at the grocery store or Googling “how to make him like you.” When you meet that person you won’t have to think about it. Sure maybe you’ll put on a bit of a front at first.

It’s natural to want to impress someone we’re falling for but eventually you’ll find that you don’t need to pretend anymore.

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Rancic and her hard earned, hard bodied husband have been making headlines recently for fissures in their marital bliss.

Meanwhile, a lovely couple I know met because she walked up to him at a bar and said, “have we slept together before? Two years later they live together in a beautiful Upper West Side apartment. She danced with him all night because she thought he was gay. The most anti-online dating friend I have met her current boyfriend after my insistence that she try Tinder, just as a joke.

It is rare to find a subject of equal importance to sex columnists, psychologists, Taylor Swift and college students.

Dating, like dieting or parenting, has become one of those subjects we splatter words and dollars at in the hope of finding one, magical piece of advice that will change everything. Somewhere between ‘sex’ and ‘Taylor Swift’ I stopped myself.

And that’s the problem with dating advice; it tells you to be someone else.

If one were to follow every piece of dating advice that crossed their path they wouldn’t have a moment left to genuinely connect.

I imagined my best friend, middle school mentee or younger cousin reading it and realized I wouldn’t want them to because I’ve done that and it’s never helped me get a date with someone I like.

What I would tell them, and what I’m about to tell you, is that it’s all bullshit. When I was a freshman in college I had my heart broken and vowed never to let someone or something hurt me like that again— an idea I now recognize as not only limiting but impossible.

In general the types that one may brag about landing a date with. If you are obsessed with puppies or babies they should see that.

And despite what the magazines, books or scientists say, isn’t it always people who break the rules that get the best results?

She fancies herself a writer, photographer and videographer. She lives in New York City and is obsessed with crossword puzzles.

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