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We have included a list at the end of this article of recommended toolkits for several languages.

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Authentication defines the way a user is identified and validated through some sort of credentials as part of a login flow.

Most applications will present a login page to an end user, allowing him to specify a username and a password.

Federated Authentication is the solution to this problem.

Before diving into federated authentication, we need to understand what authentication really means.

Upon receiving the SAML assertion, the SP needs to validate that the assertion comes from a valid IDP and then parse the necessary information from the assertion – the username, attributes, etc.

In order to do this, the SP requires at least the following: The easiest way to implement SAML is to leverage an Open Source SAML toolkit.For example, if you use Share Point and Exchange that are running on premises, your login credentials are your Active Directory credentials.However, with increased collaboration and the move towards the cloud, many applications have moved beyond the boundaries of a company’s domain.However, if a user needs to access multiple applications where each app requires a different set of credentials, it becomes a hassle for the end user.First, the user will need to remember different passwords – in addition to any other corporate password (eg. The user is now forced to maintain separate usernames and passwords, dealing with different password policies and expirations.We will go into the technical details of these later – but it is important to understand the high-level concept during the planning stage.

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