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“I was selling prints and taking these photos, but I really wasn’t making as much off of it as I would’ve liked,” she said.

Clients say they like the intimacy of supporting a model’s career, while models say Patreon’s paywall means their customers feel like real fans, rather than strangers hunting for nip-slips.

But while the mini-economy appears to be thriving on Patreon, the women interviewed for this story shared the same concerns: that there’s a ceiling to how much money you can actually make, that internet platforms are fussy and unpredictable, and that there’s a finite amount of energy you can give to fans paying for your attention.

Monica Zamora, a former Suicide Girl, says the amount of money she makes on Patreon (about $500 a month) could be higher — if she spent more time doing it.

She makes most of her money — and spends most of her paid hours — as an erotic dancer.

Michelle is just one of dozens of women who use Patreon to sell nude photos, videos, and other prizes to willing — and paying — fans.

As a full-time Patreon creator, she’s on the more successful end of erotic content makers.

She promises you’ll see her hanging out with friends in Los Angeles, making goofy faces at the camera, or just loafing around watching anime.

And if she’s at home: “I'm usually just wearing either underwear or some tight little tank top or nothing at all.” This is the first reward tier for Michelle’s Patreon account, where she’s “creating naughty cosplay content.” In addition to her Snapchat account, Michelle offers her 435 paying subscribers access to variety of NSFW rewards: a signed “sexy” print, a “naughty” three- to five-minute personalized video, and access to her constantly updating Patreon feed, which includes erotic photoshoots and videos.

Launched in May 2013, Patreon is a relatively new entry in the crowdfunding universe.

Rather than relying on reaching individual fundraising goals, like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Patreon functions as more of a long-term income source, with patrons typically agreeing to an ongoing monthly donation schedule.

They may act like it’s embarrassing (in a way) but really they cannot wait to get totally undressed and pose in the nude.

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