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About 100 years ago on this road there was a woman that lived here by her self for many years.

They accused her and two others of using witchcraft so they hung them with chains and on every Halloween around midnight you can drive down the road and hear the chains dragging on the top of your vehicle when you go under the tree.

Built in 1840 as a Methodist High School and it also served as a hospital for Union forces during the Civil War.

but even being torn down, just driving by the property will send chills up your spine.

This is an old one room cabin that sits at the bottom of a large hill.

The shards were real, but no such glasses were in the kitchen!

These events have been witnessed by more than one person at the time and never explained!

You'll have to push the car off the bridge onto the gravel road to get it to start.

The poster tried this once and it started right back up.

High-pitched screams can be heard all over the property.

The place is now being torn down to stop children from being hurt from entering the house.

If you stay and hang out for a while, like an hour or more, when you come back to your car, there are what appears to be foot and hand prints on your hood and windshield.

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