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Use the Elementi calendar widgets for any industry sector and across any organization size – from a startup to a large corporation.Here are just a few examples of how you can put your calendar widget to use at best. Whatever the reason, you've now got at least one option for that functionality: the previously-covered Today Calendar.

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A digital signage display that keeps track of your events and drives attendance to your establishment is, over time, worth its weight in gold.

Regardless of the size and type of your organization.

A widget is a simple item that dynamically auto-updates to display live data.

The widget is the ideal digital signage component for displaying concise up-to-date calendar information to audiences most concerned at a specific moment in time for maximum impact.

Nowadays, there is a hidden battle taking place in every busy workspace – a battle for meeting space. It’s easy to assume an empty room as free while it’s actually booked. Anything that helps you organize and streamline your staff and clients’ daily activities could easily save you a ton of money.

Digital signage is a powerful tool for displaying calendar activities right when this information is needed. From boardroom sessions and lectures to appointments at the doctor’s to concert showtimes.

It is not overly ambitious, but is all about giving you the info you want with the flat design cues that are all the rage these days – see i OS and Windows, in particular, not to mention this website.

The app is built on Zooper Widget Pro, who makes it quite easy for a novice developer to get their feet wet.

Download Elementi Now What’s more, Elementi widgets are a simple way to easily connect your calendar data to a digital signage display that anyone can manage: a dedicated technical person or an assistant.

Simply updating the calendar you use on a daily basis will update the content displayed on the screen.

As things pick up, that price may go up but you’ll get free updates forever once you purchase.

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