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Like many gay men of his era, he attempted to mask his sexual orientation by dating women.

At the height of his silent film career, Hughes was earning as much as ,000 per week.

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The stock market crash and subsequent Depression wiped out Hughes's accumulated wealth, and he returned to acting in a Work Projects Administration program making $94 a month.

In the late 1930s he became director of the Los Angeles Federal Theatre, specializing in religious and Shakespearean productions.

Mann's serious study of Hollywood personalities characterized him in his younger days as a “flaming little queen.” He was five feet seven inches tall, with brown hair and blue eyes, and a boyish face that placed him in casting parts reserved for much younger men.

He played opposite the stars of the silver screen, including Rudolph Valentino and Marion Davies, who became a lifelong friend.

A few years later the group had an unsuccessful tour in New York, but Hughes stayed on and soon appeared in a variety of roles at the New Amsterdam Theatre, among others.

He assumed the stage name of Gareth—a common Welsh baby name meaning “gentle.” After several years on stage, he made his first movie in 1918, having moved to Hollywood, California.He returned to Paramount Studios on Long Island, New York, in 1921 to star in Sentimental Tommy, a film that enjoyed some success.On February 1, 1922, famous director and actor William Desmond Taylor was murdered in his Hollywood home.In May 1958, Reno and San Francisco newspapers announced that Gareth Hughes, Welsh-born silent screen celebrity and Shakespearean stage actor, was leaving his mission to Pyramid Lake Paiute Indians and returning to his homeland.The widespread and richly deserved praise for nearly two decades of tireless dedication to Nevada Indians was also punctuated with mysteries, theological controversies, and issues of personal identity.The man on the right, Assistant District Attorney Patrick Blessington, was No. But by the end of the day, a new list of 31 names went up. Rumor had it that some last-minute lobbying had saved the job of the lead prosecutor in the case of Msgr. So if Krasner chooses to retry the Lynn case, he still has Blessington around to prosecute.

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