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The board's job is to determine if a mistake was an accident or neglect, which can lead to punishment for a veterinarian.

Executive Director Tod Schadler and attorney George Hearn say the state board handles, on average, 60 complaints a year for the more than 3,000 licensed veterinarians in North Carolina.

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As with doctors for humans, though, things can go wrong at the vet's office.

When that happens, the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board comes in.

That, to me, that just doesn't seem right." He is now involved in a civil suit to try to get his money back.

"At the end of the day, all this is for Gunner," he said.

The dog had a broken leg, so Vaughan took it to Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Raleigh to be treated.

"I (told the veterinarians) 'Go ahead with the surgery,'" he said."​I just want what's right by him, even though I don't have him anymore.I just want what's right by my dog." Veterinary Specialty Hospital declined to comment on Vaughan's case but said it takes complaints filed with the state board seriously."There are some people who will never be happy with the outcome of the case unless it was a situation where the vet was barred from practicing for the rest of his life," Schadler said."But we try our best to give them the best possible explanation of what happened." When mistakes happen, it's not just the owners who are affected, he added.Mariotte took her four dogs to Banfield Animal Hospital in Knightdale to get check-ups. Banfield misidentified the dogs and ended up sedating two dogs that had serious, and previously diagnosed, heart issues. "I mean, literally, it was a miracle." The Veterinary Medical Board reprimanded the vets in both Vaughan's and Mariotte's case.

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