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The boy's mother, Lindsey Cyr (portrayed by Dakota Johnson in the movie), said that Douglas's death had a definite impact on Whitey, who had been an attentive and caring father. In real life, John and Marianne Connolly separated in 1978, with Marianne eventually filing for divorce in January 1982. However, the reason that the marriage broke down seems to be accurately depicted in the movie.Connolly's manner and style began to change as he became more like a gangster than an FBI agent. As stated in the movie, he was found guilty for 11 of those murders.Her teeth were pulled from her skull (right) and her body was buried in the basement of a South Boston home.

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It is this incident that is referenced in the movie. In 1956 at age 27, Bulger was given a 20-year federal sentence for armed robbery and truck hijacking.

He spent the first three years in Atlanta Penitentiary and then following a failed escape plot, he was transferred to Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary in November 1959.

However, by taking out a rival gang family, the FBI essentially helped Bulger build a more powerful and deadly crime syndicate of his own. During his trial, Bulger's defense attempted to prove that he was never a snitch and others testified that it was instead the corrupt FBI agents who were in his pocket.

A federal investigation found that Whitey's FBI handler, John Connolly, had falsified information in his informant reports (a detail addressed in the movie), in part to steer authorities away from Whitey and in part to make Whitey look like a valuable informant ().

After being questioned about his sexual relationship with Deborah Hussey, Flemmi testified that Bulger had engaged in a relationship with a 16-year-old girl who he took to Mexico with him, an alleged crime that is not addressed in the movie.

James "Whitey" Bulger strangled Deborah Hussey (left) in 1985.true story reveals that while in prison for bank robbery in the late 1950s, Whitey Bulger volunteered to participate in a CIA program named MK-ULTRA in exchange for reduced time on his sentence.The program studied the effects of LSD and other drugs on humans, in this case using inmates as test subjects.Several decades later, while Whitey was on the lam with Catherine Greig, he visited Alcatraz, which had been shut down in 1963.The couple took a tour and dressed up in prison garb that was likely all too familiar to Bulger.In a notebook, Whitey wrote of "horrible LSD experiences followed by thoughts of suicide and deep depression." The CIA had been using MK-ULTRA to research the possible use of LSD as an interrogation agent or an incapacitating agent.

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