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A North Star staff member told us, "Each touchpoint is an opportunity to promote health and save lives.

We provide free condoms in every room of the clinic.

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Wherever there is a problem, there is also an opportunity, an opportunity to save lives and create impact.

Several blocks away from the brothels, we saw a big sign that reads “Roadside Wellness Centre.” That is where North Star Alliance’s “Blue Box” is located.

Thus TNT had committed itself to responsibly address the negative impact of AIDS-related diseases within the transport sector.

With the amount of expertise and capacity they have, it is not hard to understand why North Star Alliance was able to scale up and achieve big impact.

They may not be counted in our numbers, but they certainly need to be reached in order to achieve our goals.

We need public sectors and social entrepreneurs, but we also need large corporations to take the lead in their social responsibilities.I’m touched by the “magical” power of these small blue boxes, by the amount of hope and respect created.Often times when we talk about Millennium Development Goals in the class, we don’t necessarily realize that we are talking about these hard-to-reach people—those who live remotely, in poverty, always on the go or undercover.I mean, you are making your first judgement of them based on your looks. Although some of the girls I’ve gone out with get clingy and claim they love me and cannot live without me… At 31, I’ve had my share of relationships and they’ve all ended in heartbreak.Contrary to what people think, having a fling or a one-night stand isn’t easy. If your flirt with a man, it is usually understood you’re thinking of sleeping with him at some point.If they forget to get them when they check in, they can still get them when they see the doctors or when they check out.

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