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They were married last May and are now the parents of a baby girl, Greta.“One of the ironies or lousy parts of getting older is that you do have less energy,” Mr.Gollash said from a hotel suite in Madrid, where he was staying with his wife and daughter. When you are in your 20s, you have an abundance of it, right?

I could make excuses and say the job is what I’m married to, which, I think, is true.“I’m committed to the work that PEN does.

It can’t be over 100 percent, but it is the overarching story of my life, and that is hard to compete with.

Morris said over the phone a few hours before the start of his 44th birthday party.

“And sometimes, even with my close friends, I have to remind them about that, because it doesn’t look like I want a partner for life, because I’m not taking active control over seeking it.

”If he really wanted to do something, he added, he could walk up the street, get drunk somewhere and meet someone.“But I’m going to wake up with a headache,” he said, “and I don’t want that.”Mr.

With the freedom has come certain costs: isolation, regret and the feeling that, although you may still feel 25 in your heart, your knees are starting to ache and the years are slipping by fast.“Are you single?

I understand very well the scary thought of "when she's 51, I'll be..." and those kind of ideas that pop up in your mind, it happened to me too.

All I can tell you is that I never lost attraction for her. We were both 'young' for our ages (and probably immature for our ages as well).-Her biological clock is ticking and major decisions need to be made now.

That may be true for part of your life, in your 20s. ’ There are a lot more challenges the older you get, and I realize that now.”Mr. Choffel, the hairstylist, share little in the way of experience and worldview. Choffel partied his way through his 20s as he climbed toward the peak of his profession, Mr.

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