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For example, according to the historian Josephus, Mark Antony obtained an entire grove of these precious plants and offered them as a gift to the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra.The Roman historian Pliny mentioned that during the Jewish War in the first century C.(Ruth 3:3; 2 Samuel ) The Jewish maiden Esther, before being presented to King Ahasuerus, received a 12-month “spa” treatment​—a 6-month massage with oil of myrrh and then another 6-month treatment with balsam oil.​—Esther .

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Balsam oil is mentioned in the Bible in the accounts about Queen Esther, the queen of Sheba, and King Hezekiah, as noted above.

In 1988 a small jug of oil was discovered in a cave near Qumran, on the western shore of the Dead Sea. Was this the last remaining sample of the famous balsam oil? Down to this day, growers are trying to reestablish the once renowned balsam groves.

Most scholars believe that the balsam bush originally came from Arabia or Africa. Balsam oil was so highly prized that the methods of cultivation and production were kept secret.

Balsam was even used as a bargaining tool in political maneuvers.

The production and use of olive-oil-based perfumes has a long history in ancient Israel.

The Bible book of Exodus contains a recipe for making the sacred perfumed oil used by the priests in their services at the temple.

IT SEEMS that since the earliest of times, women have been very interested in making themselves beautiful. There are, of course, no tomb paintings or frescoes from ancient Israel that we can refer to.

Early tomb paintings, frescoes, and mosaics all suggest that the use of cosmetics was widespread among people in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. But certain accounts in the Bible along with various archaeological artifacts unearthed in Bible lands can provide at least a glimpse of the use of cosmetics in Bible times.

Evidence seems to bear out that the balsam oil mentioned in the Bible was cultivated in the area around En-gedi.

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