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The election waa btl^ m MI po Uod w fo Uowa : Btoi Mtywliio.*.. Jonaa Aureen, though be had only a long cloiik, with a cape. Amen.' *'And this waa the oondudon of the proper oea* secration service.

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In the Senate it was delayed, and on the 4th of February, at a public meeting in Wilmington, a committee of five were appmnted to go before the Senate in the interest of the measure. Oeoige'k and Appoquinimink Ilutidreds for tbis purpose wa.s held at the house of John Sntton, in thi^ vil- lage of St. 2 T t6l« uiyiiizeo by Go Ogle 618 HISTORY OF DELAWARE.

Public meetings were held in the county, and on the 30th of Janaarr, 1947, a bill was Introduced in the Honae, and passed eighteen to seven for .subuiiiting the ques- tion to the people. On February 6th a meeting of tax-payers of White Claj Greek, New Oaatle, Bed Lion, Foieader, St. Ware became rector in Novembor, and was in turn succeeded by Rev. On8eptemher21,aves(ry wssehama; the following week Rev.

During the pastorate of Magister lles^ellius the church prospered, and, notwitl Mtandiag the times were baid, paid off their debta and provided schools for their children. Acrelius was recalled to Sweden, and took hb departure November 9, V7S6. Eric Unandcr wan transferred from Rat- coon and Penn's Neck to Christina iu 17o', aud took the pastorate by his own authority, he being proroet, being confirmed therein by a commission from Swe- den as soon us it could be obtained. Work was begun immediately, but owing to the business depression of 1817 the pro* jected edifice was abandoned and the lots sold. Ralph Will iston, rector of Trinity Church, reported to the Diocesan Convention, June 7, 1823, a proba- bility of a new ehnrdi being commenced during tlie ensuing summer, but this wa.s not consummated. Bush, southwest corner Shipley and Eighth Streets, and to erect a stone building forty^five by fifty-fire feet.

The folks at Raccoon Creek having already built a small cliurch, they were united under the same pats- tomte with I'eiin s Neck, and i Joly Trinity Tarifih was lienceforlh conhued to the west side of the Dela- ware Kver. h- rael Acrelius (the historian) from Raccoon and Pesn's Xeck to Holy Trinity, and he took charjje of iht parish in November fullowiog. John Hedges and Francis U° Daniel were appointed a com- mittee and purchased the Second Baptist Chnrch, corner King and Sixth Streets, together with an ad- joining lot.

The Sn'edisb nnd English clergy attended each other's conneib, held mutual councils of both commaniotw, and preached in each other's churches. Andrew's Church, and was fostered by the clerg}' of that parish.

Aa early as October, 1699, a school was established, and with oecadonal Interraptiott B waa continued in variou-i | nnd the direc tini iri with their mother church was dissolved.

Adam Williamson, Xehemiah Tilton, Joseph Burns, John Crow, John War. Latrobe be- gan his second pastorate and remained iiiitil April 24, 1887. In 1887 Calvary Church had one hundred communi- canta and a Sunday-School membership of two hun- dred and lifly. Services were held respectively in the Unitarian Church, the Masonic Temple and the Western Mar- ket House.

The originators of the plan, however, were in earnest, and on the 11th of Januarj-, 1810, John Way, Senator from New Castle, laid upon the members' desks petitions signed by five hundred citizens of New Castle County, setting forth reasons why the county-seat should be removed. *oon after Andrew Reynold^^, of the committee, reported a bill, which wnj; read. John's Memorial Church, Ashland, Pa., became rector. White of the Methodist Epi.ncopal Church ; supplied the pulpit until the election of Rev.

The bishops of London, who had the oveidght of tbe Episcopal Churches and missions in America, repeatedly recommended the J^wcdish ministers to the kindnei M and hospitality ut the English, and the various archbishops of Sweden and Bishop Bwedlieig exljorted the f^wedish minisfers and churches to Uto in unity and friendship with the English Churches. Collina remained rector of Gloria Dei Church until the time of his death, in 1830, having several Episcopal minis* ters in succession as axsistants. In August, 1855, measures were taken, through the earnest influence of Mr. As a result Calvary (Jhu[ic-1 was erected, at a cost in excess of tive thousand dollars, and opened October SO, 1859.

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