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Still, there’s been no flood of cases in Canadian or American courts involving sugar daddy solicitations — a sign of the difficulty in proving these cases beyond a doubt, says law professor Killinger.“As a prosecutor, I wanted to take legal action against this activity and we talked about it, but it would take tremendous resources,” she says.

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“These girls aren’t just looking to wear Christian Louboutin shoes,” says Urick.

“They’re doing it smartly and finding someone who can help them advance their lives rather than pull them back, like a college guy would.”Shae, a 20-year-old Toronto single mother and sugar baby, says that while she accepts about $200 every time she meets with her steady sugar daddy — outings that often include sex — she’s no prostitute.

“If I’m going to date anyway, it makes sense to spend that time and effort on men who are going to give me something in return.”She expects at least $3,500 a month plus expenses, dinners and some travel. But it has become common vernacular for the growing ranks of dating mercenaries.

In return, she says, “I give them what they want — a hot girl to accompany them to events and no-strings-attached sex. Las Vegas-based reported a 240-per-cent increase in member sign-ups during Valentine’s Day week, which coincided with the release of the sultry film Fifty Shades of Grey.

“Like when you’re in high school or college and you see a guy and like, ‘Oh, I might like you. I just want to have sex with you.’ ”Experts agree a key driver of sugar baby growth in recent years is economic.

The financial realities for young people — from spiking tuition rates to skyrocketing youth unemployment and unpaid internships — have given birth to the sugar baby bulge, says Emily van der Meulen, an associate professor in the department of criminology at Ryerson University who specializes in sex industry labour organizing.“It’s not at all surprising that young people, especially young women, are looking to find other ways to make money.”American psychiatrist and author Dr.

All other members self-report their income, including those who submit background checks.

is part of a burgeoning marketplace matching the typically older and self-identifying wealthy with the young and beautiful.

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