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After it was over, Kristina says she told the producer what happened, but he was zero help.

Berichten von Deadline zufolge hat Cohen am vergangenen Dienstagmorgen Anzeige gegen Ed Westwick erstattet.

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Aber der Produzent wollte nicht, dass Ed sich komisch fühlt, wenn wir einfach gehen, also blieben wir zum Dinner.

Ich sagte, dass ich müde sei und nach Hause wollte, weil die Situation für mich sehr unangenehm war.

Kristina claims she was woken up by Ed, who was on top of her with his fingers where they should not have been.

She says she told him to get off her, but he grabbed her face, told her he wanted to “,” and then proceeded to pin her arms down and sexually assault her.

Eck said she threatened to leave the hotel, but she liked Harling and he convinced her to stay.

Finally, she told Harling she “was definitely leaving,” but then he said Westwick wanted to apologize.I find the pattern completely disturbing too – both Kristina and Rachel say that they had boyfriends/significant others who were PRESENT around the time of the assault/rape but did not witness the assaults directly.Both of the boyfriends refused to believe their girlfriends when the women were like It also feels like something was going on with Westwick specifically in 2014, as all three of these sexual assaults and rapes took place in that year. Instead, it would be the last time they would see each other.“On the way, he told me he was with his friend Ed Westwick,” Eck told Buzz Feed News, recalling that at the time she didn’t really know “who that was.” When she arrived around a.m.According to Kristina, she was dating a producer who was friends with Ed Westwick. Kristina claims she wanted to leave when Ed allegedly suggested “” but the producer didn’t want to make things awkward, and they ended up staying for dinner.

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