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Despite having no previous wrestling experience she was offered a contract, which she signed in May 2006.Even after being called up to the main roster she continued to fly back and forth to OVW's base city Louisville, Kentucky once a week to work shows; first as a ring announcer and referee, then as a wrestler.In June 2011, she won the WWE Divas Championship, commencing a four-month reign.

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At December to Dismember, Kelly and Knox took on the team of Ariel and Kevin Thorn in a mixed tag team match, during which Knox refused to tag in before abandoning Kelly, leaving her to be beaten badly by Ariel.

On the following episode of ECW, Kelly defeated Ariel with a roll-up in her first singles match.

"I love seeing those girls definitely come up to the main roster and kind of give a fresh, new look and kind of liven up the Divas division a little bit," Blank continued, "I think Charlotte's amazing and she was a big gymnast too, for a long time, so I love that she incorporates a lot of gymnastics into her moves too." Blank went on to say that her time with WWE was the best six years of her life and "a blessing for sure." Blank indicated that a return for one more run is quite possible.

"I feel like if they ever are like, 'okay, Barbie, you have one more run in you', I may do that," Blank said.

Recently on the Steve Austin Show, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin interviewed Barbie Blank, the former Kelly Kelly.

During the interview, Blank covered a number of professional wrestling topics, including who she stays in touch with from the pro wrestling business, her thoughts on the current WWE product, and whether she would ever return to the squared circle.

As a result, she found herself involved in the feud developing between Knox, his tag team partner Test and Tommy Dreamer and his partner The Sandman.

Her involvement included being inadvertently hit with a cane by Sandman when Knox used her as a shield.

At the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view later that month, Kelly was re-hired by Smack Down General Manager Teddy Long, and made her return by attacking Guerrero.

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