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Make sure you're aware of them before you do anything that might get you into trouble with the law.


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The experience was pleasantly straightforward, following the instructions ...

The major change in this version is to the tracing engine.

Net framework in January 2018 for Windows 7 SP1 has been causing crashes in DAX Studio when accessing the File menu.

Today, I released the latest version of LINQ to Twitter.

As I have been documenting Umbraco development I realized that people need a starting point.

This post will cover how to start an Umbraco project using an approach suitable for ALM development processes.

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-- start with this: SELECT AS Database File Name, dbfile.size/128 AS File Size In MB, sys AS File Group Name, dbfile.physical_name AS Database File Path FROM sys.database_files AS dbfile INNER ...

We've just found out that a recent security update to the .

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