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Keep the sense of mystery going by revealing the map from the fog of war as characters explore.

Works great over a network multiplayer connection where the GM can see a dimmed view of what is hidden.

In D&D in Altspace VR, you can have that same feeling by getting together with your friends around a 3D tabletop in virtual reality and starting a campaign.

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They have created a virtual reality experience with character sheets, figurines, and terrain tiles for fans to build their maps and craft their adventures.

Terrain tiles include sets from dungeon, wilderness and city themes.

Or try Looking for a Party to find fellow adventurers, or start your own campaign. D&D is best experienced in full VR, which requires a head mounted display such as Oculus Rift DK2 or HTC Vive. While not as immersive as full VR, you can experience Altspace VR and play D&D using your existing computer monitor.

More information about Altspace VR supported gear and set up can be found on the Learn tab at the top of the web site. Altspace VR works with most recent Windows and Mac OS X computers. *Altspace VR is a social virtual reality company and licensee of D&D.

That means you can log into 3D Virtual Tabletop on any other device, and your maps and miniatures will be available for you to use. If you import your own miniature on an i Pad, you can log in on an Android tablet, then it will download the new miniature to your Android device and you can put it on the tabletop.

Fans have great memories of meeting around the kitchen table for Dungeons & Dragons adventures.

Miniatures can be automatically labelled with their name when you place them, or start blank to make it easier to write your own label.

You can choose whether to display labels or not, whatever works the best for your game.

The preview at the bottom of the screen lets you shift the grid around to get it lined up perfectly.

You can also use hex gridded maps by setting the size when you import the map, then turning off snap-to-grid when you use it on the tabletop.

See your characters and monsters in all their glory, standing tall on their miniature bases, to face their enemies front-on.

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