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Along the northern edge of Spain’s land were small missions and “presidios” or fortresses that stretched from the Atlantic coast, ran along the Gulf of Mexico and extended into the plains of Texas and the Rio Grande River valley.In 1585, Sir Walter Raleigh took on one of the first English settlement attempts.Colonial expansion was fueled by a number of factors. Economic recession left many without work, even skilled artisans could earn little more than enough to live. In addition, the Industrial Revolution had created a growing textile industry, which demanded an ever-increasing supply of wool.

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In a political move, Henry severed the connection with Rome, declared himself head of the Church of England, named a new archbishop who granted his annulment, and remarried.

Ironically, his new wife did not present him with the male heir he wanted, but instead a daughter named Elizabeth who later reigned from 1558 to 1603.

In the early 1500s, England and Spain had a strong connection based on their dedication to the Roman Catholic Church and the marriage between Henry VIII of England and Catherine of Aragon.

Then, in the 1530s when Henry VIII broke from the Roman Catholic Church so he could divorce Catherine, the efforts of English Protestant reformers gained official support and the once close relations between England and Spain broke down.

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Investors and companies such as the Muscovy Company and the East India Company tapped into the world’s developing trade networks.

Where networks were established, the English built ties to local merchants and set up new trade routes and port facilities with the goal of building wealth for England.

Then a series of storms scattered the remainder of the Spanish flotilla as it attempted to circle the British Isles, completing the destruction.

This historically significant win for England ensured their naval dominance in the North Atlantic and built their confidence and their ambition to secure settlements in the New World.

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