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In the last year, they’ve had to fend off antiunion attacks — often from their own school.There was the case in front of the Pennsylvania Labor Board, where, over a period of seven days of hearings, Penn State officials fought to prove that graduate students — research and teaching assistants — should be considered students, not workers.Jerome Clarke, copresident of the union-organizing Coalition for Graduate Employees at Penn State, says the administration is “channeling some really dark energy” by suggesting that international students could be deported if a union is formed.

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Many of our graduates pursue careers in research and university settings or assume other leadership roles in the criminal justice system.

This course provides an overview of the theory and research on the criminal justice system, including the police, courts, prosecution, and corrections.

Special attention is given to the structural, organizational, and micro-level aspects of the criminal justice system and their interactions.

A major goal of the course is developing an understanding of how criminal justice operates in the United States.

It’s possible, said Jenkintown-based immigration lawyer Karen Pollins.

In order to maintain an F1 student visa, the student has to be enrolled in a full course of study, the definition of which varies from student to student (it may involve teaching or other kinds of work) and something the university would determine.

If the university decided that a student wasn’t fulfilling a full courseload, the school would be legally obligated to report that to the government.

However, it could be possible for a union to negotiate a clause that protects international student status should they go on strike.

Over six, 15-week semesters (two years), you will be exposed to every part of the criminal justice industry: criminology, social control, corrections, law enforcement, and juvenile justice. You will also learn about policies, professional writing, research methods, analyzing criminal behavior, and application of principles.

UC’s criminal justice program not only exposes you to the conceptual and theoretical frameworks that drive the study of crime and criminal justice, but also allows you to specialize in an area that is most relevant to you.

International students make up one-third of all graduate students at Penn State.

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