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Some like to watch people messing themselves, while other enjoy the humiliation aspect of the fetish.

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According to Psychology Today, most diaper lovers are males in their late 30s.

If you’ve ever heard about having a diaper fetish, your first reaction was to wash your hands of the issue and call it a day. If you are dating someone, or have a friend who is into the diaper fetish, you’re probably looking up every article you can to learn more about their particular sexual preference and what it means. We’re discussing everything you ever wanted to know about someone with a diaper fetish. If you’re thinking a diaper fetish is purely sexual, you’re about to be wrong.

If you’re open to trying new things, you may just be slapping on a nappy before you know it. And never ever do anything you aren’t comfortable doing… [Read: 10 fiery hot reasons you should date someone with a fetish] Now you know that there is such a thing as a diaper fetish.

It may seem creepy and pedophilic when you first hear about it, but it’s always better to let your partner explain their viewpoint before jumping to conclusions.

[Read: The kink list – 20 freaky fetishes that aren’t weird at all] What to do when you know someone has a diaper fetish The short answer? If your friend is revealing this personal preference to you, it’s best to smile, nod, and move on. If your significant other has a fetish like this, that’s a whole different ball game.

Many diaper lovers are in committed relationships and have been upfront about their diaper passions.

You shouldn’t assume (contra your sign-off) that Potential New Boyfriend (PNB) is pooping his diapers.

Most guys who are ABDL (adult baby/diaper lover) are interested only in wetting themselves, if that.

Studies show many other diaper lovers often show signs of being transgender or have experience some form of child abuse in their past.

For example, one man reported being beaten by his mother at age 8 and wetting himself in the process.

Listen to your partner and try to understand where they’re coming from.

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