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season 10, even the tiniest crackers can take a b—- slap and keep on trucking. The hilarious teaser previews an impending acting challenge in which the queens are tasked with creating commercials for a series of fictional dating apps. Today it seems like romantic scenarios go from a good night kiss straight to the bedroom.

Geography, religion, education, income, even height and hair color are considerations before an initial meet up happens.

This may feel like a job interview rather than a personal encounter, but truth be told dating has morphed into a punch list of desirable qualities.

Although sex is accelerated, that does not mean it should be taken lightly.

Millennium or not, there are still people out there who don't view intimacy as a full contact sport but rather as an expression of connectedness.

Individuals looking to meet their future significant other seem to need a dating 101 guide to navigate today's waters of singlehood.

Benchmarks - When searching for a match, individuals are now making up profiles of must haves and deal breakers that they are ideally seeking in a partner so the odds of success are enhanced.The same goes for the confirmation of a date as well as the post date wrap ups of "Had a great time. " Word to the wise, texting, though handy, is not a conversation.Messages will inevitably get misinterpreted, especially given the cruelties that autocorrect can unleash.Safe sex is paramount and the truth is that condoms are your best defense.No More Bases - Back in the day when couples would date for months, they worked toward the goal of rounding the corners of each base.Between the on-line dating sites and the apps available to us, people connect through a rapid fire whirlwind of options.

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