Dating a romanian man

Food is important for a Romanian man, and the saying about food that goes to the man’s heart, I believe it is true here in Romania.For a Romanian man, his mother is very important, and he will treat her with respect and tenderness, so don’t ever try to go between a Romanian man and his mother. Romanian men also make excellent friends, they are very loyal and supportive, sometimes in the interest of what they can get back from you, but in general they do care for their friends.However they can get a bit macho when they expect their women to take care of them and listen to all their problems.

Brought up in a culture where to be a wife is a good in itself, many Romanian women find it hard to be without a boyfriend and will go from guy to guy, without ever finding out who they are in between.

Romanian girls start marrying around 22-23, even in the big cities, though it’s becoming increasingly common for women to want to build their own careers and have financial independence – yeah, Western values!

But still if a woman survives to the end of her 20’s without getting married, family, friends and neighbours will tend to start putting the pressure on and matching them up with potential husbands – a common cause of complain in modern Romanian girls.

Romanian Guys Romanian guys are generally nice, smart and the better ones know how to be romantic.

Over the last decade, Romania has undergone a significant development and it is one of the more recent members of the European Union.

It is a dynamic country rich in history, arts, and scenic beauty. This country enchants visitors with its scenic mountain landscapes and unspoiled countryside, and also with its historic cities and busy, growing capital.

And what both types of men have in common are their pride and at times their temperament.

Romanian men have an excellent kind of humor, dark humor and very funny.

Though Romania is a comparatively poor country, the people seem happier than in most countries.

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