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Usually the last thing we do is to check for duplicates of either the profile text or the photo on other websites.We may use search engines like Google to do this or other Anti-Scam websites.Of course we use our own database of profiles extensively for this purpose.

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If you see a questionable profile on Cyber Dating, you can search our database to see if someone else has used the same text or photo in a previous dating scam.

On the Cyber Dating Network Websites we are constantly on the lookout for fake profiles.

It next looks up the IP addresses and email addresse in a list of known scammers.

Lastly, it looks for fields that are filled in with silly or repeated information.

You may find other "Free Psersonals" but you'll soon realize that it's not true - they all want your money - or they have a fraction of the Canadian personals that we have. You'll never have to worry about "hidden charges" when you use our dating site because you are totally anonymous.

All of the Cyber Dating Network sites allow you unlimited access with no credit card required.

Every profile is summarized on a screen where a human operator checks it over.

If the software used in the first step found any issues, the suspicious information is highlighted in red for the operator to review.

We use custom software, continually enhanced through years of identifying fake profiles, that is able to identify many of the obvious indicators that someone has entered a bogus online profile.

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