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We also feel strongly about treating the people we date with respect and care (and expect to be treated the same).It makes me really happy (but also disappointed) that several of the women Ben has dated have said that he is the kindest, most respectful man they've been with." data-reactid="42" honest with the people we are dating.Ben was fully supportive - in fact, he prefers when I date someone longer term, because he trusts that I'm safe (dating new people can feel scary - you never know who might be a creep! He has been seeing two women for about eight months, and again I am surprised by how normal it feels.

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The other constant is that since becoming "monogamish" (and eventually, "poly"), we've always dated separately.

At first, we were monogamous (I was 18 and didn't know much about any other relationship structures).

He brought up the idea of him being comfortable with me casually dating other people early on in our relationship.

He knew that he was my first boyfriend (I was 18), and he didn't want me to feel like I was missing out on dating.

My Open Relationship Was a Great Decision but, Damn, It's Boring" data-reactid="30"Related My Open Relationship Was a Great Decision but, Damn, It's Boring Our relationship has evolved over time, but the constant has been how close we are with one another.

We've been consistently super happy together for almost a decade!

We both feel strongly that our relationships with other people don't take away from how we feel about each other.

How Sleeping With Other People Makes Me Love Being Married" data-reactid="47"Related How Sleeping With Other People Makes Me Love Being Married My sister (who is also my best friend) and her husband know, which is extremely helpful. I felt like I was living a double life for a while there, which I hated.

We reached out to Sara to share some insight into their journey to polyamory, the ground rules they've set, and what it's like to date other people - and maybe even fall in love with other people - when you're already married to someone you love. We met on our first day of college - I was determined to break out of my nerdy shell and sit next to the cutest person in the room. He ended up being super quiet and thus I was convinced that he hated me, but in actuality he was just nervous (and a soft-spoken person). We started talking about being monogamish (which later evolved into full-blown polyamory, haha) about two years into our relationship. Ben is an open-minded person who has never been a big believer in social constructions or tradition.

I am a bit more of a rule follower, but definitely liberal and nonjudgmental.

In the past I have spent the night at a boyfriend's house, but Ben has not spent the night anywhere.

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