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For more information, see the discussion about matching the word “test” in Understanding and Refining Your Procmail Recipes below.

A friendly text editor that is the default pine composer.

When delivering to a maildir or MH format mailbox, you do not need to use a lock file so the first line of a recipe does not need the second colon.

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It can be used by either a system administrator or a user to automatically process and deliver incoming mail messages.

It can also be used to re-process and re-deliver messages that are already in a mailbox.

Historical Meta Note I wrote the first incarnation of this Procmail tutorial more than thirteen years ago as part of the Usenet Filtering Mail FAQ.

In 1995 it was published in the book Internet Secrets.

If the mailbox is specified to be an MH folder or maildir folder, procmail will create the neces- sary directories if they don't exist, rather than treat the mailbox as a non-existent filename.

When procmail is delivering to directories, you can specify multiple direc- tories to deliver to (procmail will do so utilising hardlinks).

I've been editing and updating this document at all stages, so it is quite mature at this point (and I'm still editing it! Thanks to all the people who have sent me feedback and suggestions.

Linking Meta Note I regularly update this page so when you want either the latest version of this Procmail Quick Start or the Procmail Section of the Filtering Mail FAQ, please go to .

In 1999, I HTMLized it and turned it into this Procmail Quick Start.

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