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Sure, if you’re one of the many people that need the structure and support of an organization to keep you productive, fine. But the freedoms of being your own boss are nonpareil.And as long as you keep your expenses down and your business simple, you may well be able to avoid being among half of people whose businesses go out of business within the first few years. Hire someone part-time, temp to handle the stuff you can’t or don’t want to do.We're not hearing a lot of discussion, frankly, from consumers. So, consumers are rushing to the Internet to provide more information about themselves than, you know, we would've ever imagined.

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In her words, this is my life now and will be until I die.

Trust me, each of us has desperately tried to reach out to her over the past years, offered to go with her to Al Anon, you name it!

In the most extreme example of reclusivity as generous, philosopher and ethicist Michael Scriven argues it's the height of ethics for a person, when, in the last, expensive stages of illness, which demand great time and emotional pain from family and great resources from the medical system, that s/he does the ultimate solo act: commit suicide.

Again, these arguments not withstanding, most people will still opt for the benefits of more human connectedness.

Yet the freedoms afforded by the solitary lifestyle are many and under-considered, hence this article.

Reclusiveness’s advantages span from morning to night: You needn’t, while half-asleep, make spouse’s or kiddies’ breakfast or fight with them to get dressed and ready for school.

Bryan Kennedy: If there are abuses out there, we don't believe those happen within our company. Bryan Kennedy: I think that consumers ought to understand that the Internet is an advertising medium.

And we would be the first to raise our hand and say if there are specific uses of data that are problematic, then the government should focus on those particular uses of data. This is also the position of the Direct Marketing Association, which is one of the most powerful lobbying groups in Washington.

", tried inpatient treatment for her son, "he didn't like it! Her whole world is confined to working a few days a week, then back home.

She used to be very fun loving, happy to hang out when I'd come to my youngest sister's from out of state.

Not attempt to regulate the entire industry in a way that could cripple our economy. Steve Kroft: You're saying that any kind of regulation on this could cripple the economy? Steve Kroft: And this should be left to industry groups? Bryan Kennedy: We think that self-regulation has been very effective. Its members include Google and Facebook, the two companies that probably know more about us than anyone else.

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