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In addition, you can optionally use to get it to pass your href Key into a function - href="javascript:myfunction();" See for usage details. You will need to use this, or Query Convert For Datatables if you are binding (using ajax) for your dataset.You can use this if you are unable, or don't want to, change all your Query Convert For Grid functions to Query Convert For Datatables.

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Query Convert For Datatables(query,datatables form scope) If you don't explicitly pass in the datatables form scope (second argument), it will use the form scope for the request.

It will pass in all of the Datatables parameters needed and produce the JSON object that is used by Datatables.

It is particularly convenient because it automatically handles collecting the If there is an array of edit types, then change the table. Loops through the remaining code once for each row to be changed.

Counter is the common index into the arrays of change information for the row being changed.

It is intended to make most CFGRID code cross-compatible with Adobe CF.

It uses a Java Script library called Data to mimic the functionality provided by Adobe.This chapter describes only the most important of these attributes.For detailed information on these attributes, see CFML Reference For more information on controlling the cell contents, see the attribute descriptions in CFML Reference.This library mimics the Adobe CF binding to form elements, but not binding to columns.You can build grids to allow users to edit data within them.If the user makes a change to a single cell in col2, you can access the edit operation, the original cell value, and the edited cell value in the following arrays: Form.mygrid. Action[1] Form.mygrid.col1[1] Form.mygrid.original.col1[1] Form.mygrid.col3[1] Form.mygrid.original.col3[1] Form.mygrid. You can reference these arrays as you would any other Cold Fusion array.

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