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She also wears dog tags, has a very prominent undercut, and has a helix piercing shown on her upper right ear.As the daughter of Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage, Cassie has received Special Forces training from her mother, while gaining her father's super human abilities.Not just anyone can make it in the entertainment industry, especially in Canada where there are less acting opportunities, but Cassie Steele, a Toronto-born actress and singer, proves that she was born to entertain.

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It is later revealed by Blackwell, that there was a curse surrounding the Blakes and Conants.

If a member of each family became romantically (i.e.

Cassie is a homage to both of her parents, with her blonde hair, attractive face, and figure very similar to that of her mother, while her sunglasses, sharp wit, and cocky attitude are reminiscent of her father.

She dons a tight bodysuit designed for tactical combat, colored blue to signify a connection to the police force.

There’s always that thirst for knowledge about the art you love, and I really want to take off into film and try out new characters.”“If it’s something you really love to do, you can’t take anything too seriously,” Cassie says.

“There are going to be 99 rejections to your one win, and that’s just the way it is constantly trying to find a new job in this profession.

Starting when she was 11 and continuing for the next decade, Cassie immersed herself in the high school universe her character lived in…even though it meant forgoing a real HS experience.

Would she go back and rewrite that chapter in her life? Cassie says she loved being on set with friends, and through Manny, could “imagine what it’d be like to be [attending a] real high school.” Looking forward, she admits she’d love to get into film because it would give her more time to work on her music. V., she says, “There are so many breaks where you can’t work on your music and the songs that you’d written four months ago aren’t relatable to you anymore and you have to write a new set of songs.”“I don’t think my goal is international stardom,” she tells us.

We are initially told that they dated at one point, but Amelia met John Blackwell, and in the end, Amelia chose Cassie's father over Ethan, thus making Ethan depressed.

Although in actuality she chose Ethan and they both tried to kill Blackwell.

sexually) involved with one another, it would cause the death of someone in their Circle.

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