Campus issues dating speech

When asked on Piers Morgan about freedom of speech, Scalia replied, “I am not king.” He recognized that although he may personally disagree with particular speech, it was not his place, even as a Supreme Court Justice, to limit speech based on viewpoint.This is not to say that we should allow poisonous ideas to run rampant in our communities. History has shown that hateful ideas can turn into hateful action.

Campus issues dating speech

Indeed, to silence speech for fear of reprisal is a cowardly surrender of our most basic constitutional rights.

The deterioration of free speech on college campuses has become so apparent that some states have already began taking action.

As Americans, we must recognize freedom of speech not only as an issue worthy of our respect and attention, but as a constitutional imperative and the very principle upon which our nation was founded.

Perhaps the leaders of higher education could learn something from the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

This early commitment to free speech has become an integral part of the American psyche.

And despite various attempts to undermine free speech in our nation’s highest court, it remains clear that limiting speech based on viewpoint is unconstitutional.

C.— Today Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), the senior Republican in the United States Senate, introduced the FREE Act, legislation to protect free speech on college campuses.

“My proposal would require public colleges and universities to provide clear guidance on their efforts to protect free speech and the free exchange of all ideas,” Hatch said.

Ben Shapiro, who in 2015 was considered to be the biggest target of anti-Semitic hate speech by the Anti-Defamation League, was prevented from speaking at UC Berkley due to violence.

For universities to bow down to violent thugs is shameful.

To make matters worse, a conspicuous bias against conservative views exists in higher education.

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