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Instead, after months of research and debate, Business Insider is proud to present the Silicon Valley 100, our annual list of the people who matter most and define what it means to be in Silicon Valley.

Storage: Mengele’s bones were thrown unceremoniously into a blue plastic sack and kept under lock and key on a shelf in the São Paulo Police Legal Medical Institute (IML) morgue for more than 30 years Eduardo de Menezes Gomes, a criminal forensic investigator with the IML confirmed to Globo TV Mengele’s ‘bones stayed here (in the Institute) under our responsibility and no one has ever shown any interest’.(Mengele’s) bones will be a really good example for our students to learn from.

They will be used to help train new doctors and will be particularly good for those students who are studying post mortem examinations Slicing open the sack containing the German executioner’s remains in front of TV cameras, Dr Muniz took out Mengele’s scapula and laid out his ribs, the bones from the arms, humerus, ulna and radius, on a medical table.

There may be much to say about a 3.3 million-acre national park harboring destinations with names like "Badwater" and "Devil's Golf Course." But such natural oases of frontier life are rare these days and have much to offer to those adventurous enough to leave the safety of neon and traffic and travel to where roads end Seeing is believing; and I have seen Hollywood's account of the late Sen.

Ted Kennedy's infamous tragic accident at Chappaquiddick and his "indefensible" actions (Kennedy's word, not mine) in the aftermath. Today he is all over the left-wing media and his face dominates many social media discussions.

I didn’t realise that he was one of the most wanted and hated men in the world.’Mengele was buried anonymously for six years until German authorities linked a letter sent from the couple he had been living with in Brazil to his family announcing his death.

They alerted the Brazilian government who exhumed Mengele’s remains in 1985.

So now the Democrats have sued the Trump campaign, Russia and Wiki Leaks over supposed "collusion" during the 2016 presidential election.

But even as President Trump's critics accuse him of going easy on the Kremlin, the hits from the White House toward Moscow just keep on coming.

Russia doesn't make much, but they do make really good weapons.

In fact, one of the purposes of Russian involvement in the civil war in Syria, in addition to preserving Russian influence in the region, was to promote Russian military technology.

Then carefully, Muniz pulled out Mengele’s skull which has been kept wrapped in another piece of plastic for extra protection.

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