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Carer's Allowance can be awarded to parents of children who receive the middle or higher rate care component of DLA (as long as they earn less than £100 a week after certain deductions).It will only be affected by changes to the welfare system if the person who receives it is also on other benefits.

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Of course, all children need a lot of supervision and care, but when it comes to DLA, you may be entitled to claim if your child needs significantly more care and supervision than a child of the same age who does not have a disability. You can claim for care needs before a child is aged three months, although the benefit will only be paid after the child reaches the age of three months (there are exceptions for children with terminal or progressive terminal illnesses).

The higher rate is given to children over three who meet the criteria for severely impaired mobility and the lower rate goes to children aged five and over who can walk but may need extra guidance or supervision when walking out of doors. You need to get yourself a copy of the DLA Claim Pack for a Child under 16.

at Harrogate (St Andrews) and Auchterarder, Scotland (Castlebrae).

Allocation of places is a matter for the CEO of Northern Police Convalescent & Treatment Centre, in consultation with the Force Occupational Health Unit.

Consequently the Benevolent Fund has purchased a small hotel at Langho, near Whalley, which is currently being upgraded to provide such a service as well as the holiday home/recuperative facility as described in the entry below.

You can either pay a reservation at the attractive low rates or in circumstances where attendance at one of the homes would be beneficial to you for recuperative purposes subject to medical certification, where the homes are available free of charge.

Two of the homes are available for rental on a paying basis and the other is reserved for convalescence use (may be available for rental at short notice if not being used for convalescence purposes).

South Lakeland Leisure Village - Carnforth The Fund has three park homes at this site, two have three bedrooms and the other has two bedrooms.

The 'bedroom tax' refers to the changes in the size criteria of housing benefit.

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