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The Susquehanna Valley has nearly 400 identified Indian place names. The same is being done for all US states and Canadian provinces.

The Paleo-Indian cultures slowly evolved into agricultural communities with seasonal migrations, and still later into more settled farming communities of the Woodland era.

(Further Resources: PBS: America's Stone Age Explorers; The Peopling of the American Continents; NPS Archaeology Program: Kennewick Man.

Likewise, any student of Native American history can accomplish in 2-3 minutes what would otherwise require several weeks to accomplish in traditional bibliographic research in libraries and online.

The NAP Library also IMPROVES current academic resources and makes them more accessible and usable.

There are about 430 titles from the RLA indexed and searchable in the NAP Library.

Similar corrective work has been done for state and university archaeological and historical archives around the country, such as the Massachusetts Archaeological Society (111 articles indexed), the Connecticut Archaeological Society (104 titles) and many more.Current collection: approximately 15,000 placemarks. Updating is in progress and your assistance is welcome (email me).For further assistance and news of additions and changes, visit the Native America Project on Facebook.For example, to search titles pertaining to the Creeks, select "Native America Project" and enter "Creek" in the window (367 current titles). To search Native American trails, choose "All Collections" and enter "trail" in the search window (528 titles, the world's most extensive research for early Indian trails).To search Native American trails in Ohio, select the "Transportation" category and enter "Ohio" in the search window (112 current titles).The complete Native American Project is a) colossal, and b) in progress.

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